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You want to establish a culture of innovation in your organization?

Then this 101 course of modern innovation management might be for you:

The course stretches over two to three months with ten half-days of (online) presence in total. It is a knowledge activation for advanced innovation experts and a solid foundation for those professionals at the beginning of their organization's innovation professionalization journey. Each module is carefully curated by Jan and comes with inputs and insights from recent innovation research, theory, cases, and field stories from practice.

Pages of a PDF file with acourse curriculum

Feel free to request an info brochure with more information about the different content modules of the course. If you are just interested in how to facilitate workshops with the cards: Jan offers masterclasses on this from time to time.

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🎓 Module 01

Why Innovation? Why Now?
  • Why Innovation? Why Now? — The role of organic growth for your businesses health
  • Disruption and Dual Transformation — 
The intellectual basics of innovation strategy thinking

 ⏱️ Half a day

🎓 Module 02

The Term Innovation in Today’s Language Use
  • Innovation Myths and False Promises — 
A little clean-up
  • What is “Innovation” Anyway? — An attempt to define its types to prevent confusion

 ⏱️ Half a day

🎓 Module 03 + 04

Innovation Maturity in the Industry and your Organization
  • Innovation Barriers and Innovation Mastery Assessment — A "decompression module"
  • Agile Approaches? Better Together! — Revisiting the interplay of Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Scrum

 ⏱️ Half a day

🎓 Module 05

Core Business and Innovation Strategy Fundamentals
  • Where To Play and How To Win — How to define an innovation strategy depending on your starting position
  • The "Reason-to-Innovate" Stories We Tell Ourselves — What is our narrative for change and transformation?
  • The Critical Role of Portfolio Management — What is is, how it works
  • Considerations on Innovation Systems and Culture — Is culture the shadow of a system?

 ⏱️ One Day

🎓 Module 06

Establishing Innovation as a Discipline or “Corporate Function”
  • Funnel, Pathways, Processes — How to address the characteristics of different innovation types by adopting a playing field logic
  • Innovation Units, Programs, and Vehicles — A detailed review of frequently used buildings blocks used in the innovation systems of pioneer organizations

 ⏱️ Half a day

🎓 Module 07

Zoom-in on Teams, Projects, and Products
  • Project "Types" and their Nature
  • Innovation and Product Team "Types"
  • Enablement/Sherpa Team "Types"

 ⏱️ Half a day

🎓 Module 08

Measuring Innovation
  • Tell Me How You’ll Measure Me and I’ll Tell You How I’ll Behave— An introduction to innovation accounting

 ⏱️ One Day

🎓 Module 09

Managing the Change and Transformation Journey for Innovation
  • Organising the Change — A dip dive into change management for innovation
  • The Role of Leadership in Innovation — 
Why transformational innovation is quite presuppositional
  • Mindset and Culture Shift?— Concluding observations on frequently (ab)used terms

 ⏱️ One Day

🎓 Module 10

Outro and Outlook
  • Final Peer-Learning and Reflection Session
  • Finalisation of Participants’ Personal Action Plans

 ⏱️ Half a day

What Course Alumni Are Saying

Each Module is Packed With Knowledge and Insights

Many contents are also applicable in practice right away

Learn from Theory and Case Study Inputs

Jan made the theory and case study parts of each module as visual and engaging as possible. You will learn about the most crucial building blocks needed for establishing an innovation culture system in bigger organizations via live inputs, guest speakers, some pre-class self-learning videos, and lively discussions with the other participants.

Discuss and Share with Peers

A course cohort will consist of a maximum of 15 people (min. eight). Participants will perform their knowledge transfer work and the more detailed exchange of experiences in break-out groups of max. five people. You will learn firsthand the tips, tricks, and pains of your cross-industry colleagues.

Transfer Concepts to Your Own Practice

Each module's theory part is complemented with practical Miro exercises in which we try out helpful frameworks. Participants will also share the ones they use in their work practice. This exchange enables you to document self-knowledge and insights regarding your own organization, which will emerge during the course for later use.

Prepare and Reflect

You will receive a workbook for optional take-home assignments, in which you can reflect upon and document your organization's innovation mastery. Your notes will provide a good base for strategic conversations on progressing your innovation system with important stakeholders later.

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